Loralee Evans

Author of Middle Grade Fantasy and Historical Fiction

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Felicity and the Fire Stoppers

Felicity and the Fire Stoppers

Felicity is no stranger to adventure, and not much surprises the little sparrow any more.
Even if it’s a visit from an old enemy!

But when she sees something that looks suspiciously like…smoke in the mountains near her home, Felicity realizes that she’ll need to use all her smarts and courage to help her friends.
Especially when a group of fire fighters, or as the animals in the Wildwood say, fire stoppers, needs her help!


D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer at Midwest Book Reviews said this about Felicity and the Fire Stoppers:

“Felicity’s┬ábird’s-eye view of the world is fun, charming, and traverses the magic of human and nature alike, while the evolution of her courage and her longing for adventure is very well done. Can a little bird stop a big threat? A plucky saga evolves, perfect for chapter book readers who relish animal protagonists.”

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First Book In A Series:

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