Middle Grade Fantasy

Puppies and Portals


After one nerve-wracking time travel escapade with her friends, Amy Yellow Horse is happy to be doing something normal. Like babysitting Leah Walquist, Jax and Ani’s little sister.

But when a girl shows up at the Walquists’ house with technology that can only be from the future, Amy realizes her day isn’t going to be normal after all!


“Another wonderful installment! This series just keeps getting better and better!” –Jewel Adams, Author

Kits and Cubbyholes


Ani is sure she and her big brother Jax are time-traveling experts. After all, they’ve been on two adventures into the past with their friend Julie.

But when William Taylor, an old friend from 1781 appears in their backyard, they’re not sure what to do! Julie’s on a mysterious errand, so it’s up to Ani, Jax, and their other friends (including Will’s own descendant!) to get Will back to his own time.

But where did Julie go? And how does old Mister Kemp (who works at the local museum) know so much?


“Loralee Evans crafts a fine adventure in Kits and Cubbyholes that moves from a boy’s singular good fortune in a revised life to his ability to take charge of his own future.”~ D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review


Tabby Cats and Trap Doors


Julie, Ani, and Jax think their time traveling adventures are over. The old house has been turned into a museum, and the tree with the magical rabbit hole has been chopped down! But when Ani’s new cat starts acting funny and leads them on a wild chase down into an eerie cellar, the kids realize that another adventure is just beginning. But where (and when) will they go this time?


“The adventure continues! Tabby Cats and Trap Doors is a wonderful followup to Raccoons and Rabbitholes! I was entertained and captivated all over again!” ~ Jewel Adams, Author


Raccoons and Rabbit Holes

What do raccoons and rabbit holes have in common with Harriet Tubman?
Jax, Julie, and Ani wouldn’t have thought much at all, until the three kids go exploring near an old house in the woods that local legends say is haunted. The kids don’t believe in ghosts, and don’t expect to find anything scary. But when they meet a raccoon that’s acting a little weird, they start to suspect that something strange is about to happen. Especially when a rabbit hole opens up in the roots of a tree big enough for the kids to climb down inside…


“What a delightful story! A very fun and informative trip through time, sure to please both young and old. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” -Jewel Adams, Author


Felicity and the Scary Bear

Felicity has had many adventures with her sparrow pal Cairn, so nothing should be able to scare her any more, right?

Well, maybe there still are a few things that can scare her, especially if it’s Halloween, and there’s something in the woods that Felicity and Cairn aren’t expecting to see.

But there might be something, or someone, in the town that’s even more scary than anything the two sparrows could find in the woods!


Felicity and the Fire Stoppers

Felicity is no stranger to adventure, and not much surprises the little sparrow any more.
Even if it’s a visit from an old enemy!

But when she sees something that looks suspiciously like…smoke in the mountains near her home, Felicity realizes that she’ll need to use all her smarts and courage to help her friends.
Especially when a group of fire fighters, or as the animals in the Wildwood say, fire stoppers, needs her help!

“Felicity’s bird’s-eye view of the world is fun, charming, and traverses the magic of human and nature alike, while the evolution of her courage and her longing for adventure is very well done.” –D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Reviews

Felicity~ A Sparrow’s Tale

Tales of adventure and danger have thrilled Felicity since Augustus taught her to read as a little nestling.  She adores the tales of heroes and heroines who forge ahead in spite of all odds, and who always seem to succeed no matter what.  More than anything, Felicity wants to be brave and selfless just like them. But adventures are in short supply, especially for someone who’s just an ordinary sparrow. Until the day an unexpected stranger shows up at her tree with an unusual request…

…a charming adventure story with a resourceful heroine.” Kirkus Reviews

Felicity and the Featherless Two-Foot

Felicity hasn’t had an adventure in months, and the little sparrow thinks that dangerous quests are behind her for good. Which is just fine with her! She would rather hang out with her friends the fairies, and read her books safe at home than go on scary adventures! But Felicity didn’t count on one group of strangers showing up that cause more trouble than she ever imagined they could! A strange, troublesome bunch that the fairies call… people.

“Dreams, imagination, and different worlds intersect in a positive and simple story that kids will find whimsical and delightfully fun.” -D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review.

Historical Fiction

The Shores of Bountiful

When Lamanites attack Zarahemla and her betrothed is killed in battle, Elizabeth’s world shatters. Joshua, her childhood friend survives, but is tormented that he could not save the man Elizabeth loved.

Returning to Bountiful, their childhood home, healing slowly comes. And as it does, their friendship begins to develop into something deeper. But another enemy soon threatens their people. This time from within Zarahemla itself. As Elizabeth and Joshua face this new evil, their feelings for each other grow stronger. But so does Joshua’s danger as he steps forward to protect his country and the woman he loves.

I was caught off guard by the strength and depth of the love story as well as the thrilling adventure of a time fraught with battles, wars, leaders, and evil men. —Tamara Hart Heiner, author of the Goddess of Fate series

I have loved The Birthright Series and The Shores of Bountiful was the perfect ending. Whether you are a Latter-Day Saint or not, this is truly a story everyone can enjoy, especially if you love historical romance. Excellent writing from a talented author. —Jewel Adams, author of Mercede’s Mountain

The Birthright

As a young girl, Miriam must flee her home in a Lamanite village to escape her birthright—to be offered as a sacrifice to the Lamanite gods. During her flight in the deep jungles, Miriam crosses paths with Jacob, a young Nephite soldier who saves her life and leads her to safety among the Nephites. Years later, now a young woman, Miriam meets Jacob again. She is surprised to find that the sisterly affection she felt for him so long ago has developed into something deeper. But before she or Jacob can discover their true feelings for one another, war comes to the lands of the Nephites…

An excellent book beautifully written by a talented author. Heart-wrenching, emotional, and romantic, The Birthright is in a class all its own. Once you start reading, you cannot put it down until you have devoured all pages! —Lynsey Hodgson of Glasgow, Scotland

The King’s Heir

It is the year 92 bc in the lands of the Nephites. Alma the Younger and the sons of Mosiah, determined to right their wrongs, decide to serve a mission to the Lamanites. Aaron, though determined to answer the call of God, has some reservations. Will this mission cost him Sarah, the most beautiful girl he has ever known, or will she wait for him? Sarah, unsure if she will see Aaron again, must deal with the pressures of other eligible young men—and the threat of Ahiah, who is determined to have her at all costs. Among her suitors is Caleb, who cannot bear the thought that Sarah may only love him as a brother. Sarah’s cousin, Rebecca, has also noticed Caleb, but will Caleb ever notice her, or is he determined to love only Sarah? In this timeless tale of good versus evil, The King’s Heir will take the reader to a pivotal point in the Book of Mormon and fill in the gaps of what may have been. Journey with Aaron, Sarah, Caleb, and Rebecca as they battle the evil around them and learn the true meaning of love.

The King’s Heir is a fun story, mixed with battle, conscience, and love. Sarah and Rebekah will fill you with delight as they find their own true loves and follow the paths of their hearts leading them to fight for the things they treasure, while having the courage to let go of the things they love.  Heartwarming . . . with lovely detail in setting. A great read for the romantic at heart. —Julie Wright, author of My Not-So-Fairy-Tale Life

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First Book In A Series:

Felicity~ A Sparrow's Tale by Loralee Evans
Felicity~ A Sparrow's Tale

First Book In A Series:

The Birthright by Loralee Evans
The Birthright

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